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When you first get in touch with us we will discuss which kit you are interested in or would you like to create a custom kit. We will answer any questions you have and walk you through the process. Our goal initially is to give you as much  information as possible  so you can make the decision if one of our kits or a custom kit is the right option for you.  Building a log cabin home can be a challenging but rewarding project.  Although we love our product and have many happy customers, building a log home is not for everyone.

If you choose to purchase one of our kits, we will create a contract reflecting your price and set your initial delivery date. Along with your signed contract we will require a 30-50% deposit depending on which kit you choose. Once we receive your deposit we will begin the process of  creating your log cabin kit.

If you are customizing one of our kits or creating a custom kit of your own we will get you in touch with our designer to create your custom detailed building manual. We require each of our kits have a building manual when it ships from our facility.

Two weeks prior to your first shipment we will require a payment. This will be a percentage of the balance of the cost of the kit after the deposit. This percentage depends on how many semi loads the kit will require. For example if the kit requires 4 loads you will pay  25% per load.

We will be happy to assist you with the freight details. We do not pay for freight. We have freight  brokers we deal with and we will be happy to set your delivery up for you. The broker will then call you to make  the the final delivery details and payment.

When you receive your shipment it will have a Bill of Lading with it. This is a list of everything we put on the truck. You will check the Bill of Lading to ensure everything on the BOL is delivered and you will sign the BOL.

The next step is  to start building your Oak log cabin kit!

The Process

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